Monday, December 24, 2007

Aaro Bolar Achhe (1)

References :

1. Mircea Eliade - Romanian author, who was in love with Maitrayee Devi when he was 23 and in India. Wrote a novel about it but lied about their intimacy.

2. Theodoros Angelopoulos - Greek film director. The scene mentioned is from the movie "The Weeping Meadow". It has its own significance in the movie. No way close to the visualisation described in the blog.


bhairab said...

grotesque enough to depress

Anupam Roy said...

dhanyabaad bhairab. porichoy pele bhalo lagbe. :)

bhairab said...

arre ami Sourish re

Anupam Roy said...

O achha! :)